iATL Client Portal

The iATL Client Portal allows clients to track sample progression in real–time as it goes through various stages of the laboratory analytical process, providing clients with immediate answers to time sensitive questions. Everyone wants sample test results as soon as possible— now 'soon' is more possible than ever, it's instant!


iATL Online Payment

iATL offers online bill payment using a secure third-party website to ensure payment to your iATL client account. Simply enter your payment information, click next, then enter your company name and confirm payment. The payment will then be credited to your iATL client account. An email will be sent directly from the third party site to the email address you provide to confirm payment details. iATL will then receive a similar email notification that payment was made. If multiple invoices are being paid at one time, identify these specific invoice numbers using a comma to separate each invoice number you are paying. Then send an email to iATL's accounting department to avoid any confusion or incorrect payment to your account.


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